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Learnix Edutech is a fast emerging education and technology enterprise founded by IIT graduates. We provide comprehensive learning solutions to make education future ready. Our aim is to transform the learning environment by bridging the gap between traditional teaching and contemporary technology.

Our Products

Logic Booster

Logic Booster is a learning solution for school focused on developing logical reasoning skills among students. Reasoning fosters the mind to uncover hidden answers rather than going for quick solutions. It creates an aura of understanding where logic becomes an integral part of a student’s thinking. Furthermore, Logical reasoning is a very important component of all competitive examinations.


Aptence is a web-app for school students to improve Mathematical Thinking, Reasoning and Verbal Ability. It helps students to learn independently and proactively, and allows a child to advance steadily at a pace comfortable to him or her so that he or she can achieve his or her full potential. Our Research & Development team produces world class quality content. It also keeps on updating to make learning effective and engaging.

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